June Monthly Ranking Results and Ad Proposal Application Guide
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June Monthly Ranking Results and Ad Proposal Application Guide

by ♣KDOL★

[June Monthly Ranking Results]

1st: BTS Jin

2nd: BTS Jimin


1st Jin will be advertised at two subway stations in Seoul, and 2nd Jimin and 3rd Sunghoon will be advertised for 1 month at 1 Seoul subway station. Detailed notices related to the schedule and location will be uploaded through KDOL's official Twitter.

* In the case of June's monthly ranking advertisement, it will be held for only 3 weeks depending on the circumstances of the Seoul Subway, and the difference will be donated to the low-income youth health and hygiene product sponsorship under the artist's name.


[Advertising proposal application guide]

Deadline for offering: July 6 (Wed) 23:59 (KST)


 * If the proposal is not received within the deadline, the application period may be extended.


[How to participate]

1. Produce subway advertisement draft according to standard.

2. Submit the original draft to ad.proposal.kdol@gmail.com and comment on the KDOL tweet to apply.

3. Decide on the final draft after deliberation of subway advertisements and internal meetings

(The final draft, such as font change and content addition, may be partially modified by subway advertisement deliberation.)

 * KDOL Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/kdol83996973


[Advertising standard(Monthly Ranking)]

Dimensions: 1550 x 2030 mm

CMYK color mode, resolution 150dp~300dpi

Format: Choose from jpg, pdf, psd (merge all layers), ai (apply outline)

※ Please design by referring to the fact that the KDOL logo is placed in the upper left corner of the advertisement, and the voting contributors and descriptions of the advertisement are placed at the bottom.


[Cup Holder (Jin/Jimin)]

See Attachment

(포토샵) 컵홀더 92파이.psd



1. The list of creators and those who contributed to voting will be added separately at the bottom of the advertisement in accordance with the standard, and logos of individuals or groups cannot be included.

2. Please attach the KDOL nickname of the person who created it to the email.

3. Only photos/fonts that do not violate copyright can be used. (Broadcast photos cannot be used)

4. A draft that does not comply with copyright and standards may be suspended during execution.


Download KDOL: https://bit.ly/35gUS5K


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