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EXO's D.O.'s first solo album topped iTunes in 59 regions around the world The first solo album released by the group EXO D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) swept the iTunes 'Top Album' chart in 59 countries. According to SM Entertainment on the 27th, D.O's first solo album 'Sympathy', released the day before, ranked first on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 59 regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. It also topped the dig..
EXO D.O. and Xiumin Teaser... EXO presents an energetic charm with its new song "Don't Fight the Feeling." EXO's special album "Don't Fight the Feeling" will be released on various music sites including Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify at 6 p.m. on June 7, and a total of five songs including the title song "Don't Fight the Feeling" are expected to be popular. In particular, the title track "Don't Fight the ..
EXO D.O.'s fantasy novel-like past, sang a serenade in school office. EXO member D.O.'s drama-like story of his school days was revealed, drawing attention. Recently, an article titled "D.O. anecdote from his school days like Internet novels" was posted on the online community, drawing attention. A teacher revealed an anecdote with D.O. during her teaching practice with Episode. The most memorable episode of her teaching career, and Internet users responded warmly..
Who is the role of Gyeryunmi against Do kyung-soo? Audition in April With group EXO member and actor Do Kyung-soo taking the lead role in the movie "Secret," fans are already paying attention to who will be the female lead to work with him. According to the film industry on the 17th, production company Hive MediaCorp plans to prepare auditions for actors, including the role of the heroine of "Secret" starting in March and starting in April. "Secret" is a remake o..
EXO D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) Casts 'Secret' Actor Do Kyung-soo has confirmed his appearance in the movie "Secret." The movie "Secret" is a remake of a Taiwanese film of the same name released in 2008, and is a fantasy romance movie that begins when a former piano genius meets a female student who was playing mysterious music in an old practice room. At the time of its release, it has been praised by the audience for its "Legendary Youth M..
D.O., a live broadcast to celebrate his discharge, "EXO-L, Thank you for waiting." Group EXO D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) expressed his feelings about being discharged from the military. D.O. revealed his military life story and future plans through Naver's V LIVE-EXO channel on the 26th. "I was safely discharged from the military," D.O. said. I want to say thank you to the fans who have been waiting for me," he said. "I read all the letters from fans in the military." "I was so proud ..
EXO D.O. discharged today (25th) D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) of the group EXO has been discharged from the military. According to his agency SM Entertainment, D.O. recently took his last vacation before being discharged from the military, and he was discharged from the military on the 25th following the guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. D.O. entered the Army Training Center on July 1, 2019, where he received basic military ..
EXO D.O. on his last vacation, only three days left until he's discharged. EXO member D.O. is returning as a civilian. On the 22nd, on the official Instagram of SM Town & Store, a photo of "WELCOME BACK SET," which is scheduled to be released to commemorate D.O.'s discharge, was posted. The released photo showed a necklace containing EXO's logo and a key ring shaped like a dog tag, stimulating fans' desire to keep it. Fans who encountered the unique goods photo in the ..
EXO D.O.'s Fan Club Donates 17 Million Won for Children with Childhood Cancer Leukemia EXO D.O. fan club's donation. On Tuesday, the 12th, EXO D.O.'s fan club (actor Do Kyung-soo) donated 17,000 won for children with childhood cancer leukemia this year, following last year. An official of EXO's fan club who delivered the donation said, "We are sponsoring to celebrate the 29th birthday of Do Kyung-soo and his healthy discharge from the military. We live a healthy life, but it is he..
EXO D.O. will be discharged from the military on January 25th...There's no special event." EXO member D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) will be discharged from the military. The agency SM Entertainment said, "D.O. is on his last vacation before being discharged from the military, and he will be discharged on January 25 next year under the guidelines to prevent the spread of Corona 19." "There is no separate event going on," he added. D.O. joined the army in July last year and has continued his mili..
XIUMIN -> Do KyungSoo, expectations for the return of K-pop stars EXO's military idol has returned. Xiumin held a live broadcast on his first schedule after being discharged from the military and met his fans. He hosted the live broadcast "XIUMIN's Let It XIUnow" through Naver's V LIVE EXO channel on the 12th to greet the fans. In particular, Xiumin attracted attention by showing off his good looks while he was in the military. At the same time, he released a ..
EXO D.O. Despite 10th year of debut, ability, beauty, and passion remain the same. EXO D.O. was selected as the No. 1 singer despite his 10th year of debut, who has remained the same in ability, beauty, and passion. The vote lasted seven days from June 6 to 12. Dio topped the list with 9,225 votes (43 percent). Singer U-Know Yunho was ranked second. Actress Eugene was ranked third. In addition, singer-actress Lee Seung-gi and Eric followed. D.O. joined the military in July las..