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BTS V tops "2021 World's Most Beautiful Face" BTS V was named No. 1 in the "2021 World's Most Beautiful Face." V topped the "2021 World's Most Beautiful Face in the World" released by the foreign media "Special Awards" on the 5th. The vote was held online, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for about six weeks from March 21. As a result of the vote, V won another world's most handsome title among 100 male and female candidates selected regardl..
BTS V gives off a lovely charm in "Run BTS". BTS V has fascinated fans around the world with his visuals and lovely charm. BTS aired the 135th episode of its own entertainment show "Run BTS" on Naver V LIVE and Weverse on the 30th. In this broadcast, he played a game in which he drew one of six cards under the mission of Protecting My Things, hid the object, and got 10 points for protecting his own things, and 3 points for finding other pe..
BTS "The Face of Kpop" Shines in YOU-Quiz BTS captivated fans with his handsome face like a sculpture and colorful charm. tvN's entertainment program "You Quiz on the Block" released photos of BTS's appearance through its official Instagram account on the 21st ahead of the appearance of special guest BTS on the 24th. In the photo released, V drew attention with his slim navy suit, wide shoulders and long legs. V drew attention with his ..
BTS V, the most beautiful visual.'I believe in Kim Taehyung' BTS V made fans fall in love with his extreme visuals, which are more beautiful than paintings. BTS's Big Hit Labels released a campaign video titled "What do you believe in" on the 18th. Earlier, the campaign video, which seems to be an extension of BTS's leaving the same question with each selfie, raised questions about the direction of the campaign with all the singers under the label appeari..
BTS V Showing off his beauty BTS (BTS) V captivated fans by showing his beauty. FILA, a fashion brand that BTS is working as a model, released a video of BTS members on its official Twitter account on the 12th. In the video in question, V's face, which is staring at the screen with one hand slightly holding his chin, was zoomed in. Then, V's image filled the screen with flowers bursting into bloom and blooming, drawing the ..
"Run BTS!" BTS V, sexy shoulders exposed. BTS V was very active in "Run BTS," showing his witty logic and the aspect of a "Born to be star" who enjoys even a water bomb. On the 9th, BTS's own entertainment show "Run BTS" held an 11-minute debate following last week. The members were randomly divided into teams and were penalized with water bombs if they changed the host and debater every 11 minutes, while at the same time banned word or..
BTS V, China's #1 Most Popular K-pop Idol BTS V topped the list of the most popular K-pop idols in China. V topped the ranking of "Currently Most Popular K-Pop Idol in China" released by YouTube channel "KPop Craze," which provides various votes and rankings related to K-pop, with 41,423 points. In February, V topped the weekly chart of "Aiman" and "Korean Artist Fan Activity Index," a Chinese big data organization, for two consecutive ..
BTS V records 'most played' V live video for 2 consecutive years BTS V ranked No. 1 in the most played video on Naver V LIVE for the second consecutive year, ranking the strongest on V LIVE. V LIVE broadcast, which was held in June 2019 under the title of "Long time no see," broke the highest number of views since Naver started V LIVE broadcasting in 2015. V finished his performance in Paris, France, and did a live broadcast in about five months at the hotel...
BTS V, first Korean male celebrity to reach 1 million likes on Facebook BTS V again achieved the highest social media record, showing the dignity of a social media powerhouse. On December 30, 20 photos were uploaded to BTS's Facebook official account under the title "2020 V Day" to mark V's birthday. The photos, which contain behind-the-scenes footage of V's activities in "The Face of KPOP," received explosive responses from fans, surpassing 1 million "likes." This ..
BTS V's self-composed song 'Blue and Grey' topped the list of line music BTS V's self-composed song "Blue & Grey" has been loved as it topped the LINE Music Daily Chart, the largest music streaming site in Japan. Blue & Grey, a song from BTS's "BE" album and V's participation in writing, composing and producing, recently achieved its best record by topping Japan's Line Music Song Daily Chart (February 28) after its MTV Unplugged performance. "Blue and Gray," which re..
BTS V, Top Face 2020 BTS V has added another handsome title. Foreign online media "Special Awards" said BTS's V ranked first in the 2021 Top Face Season 1 poll. Foreign media Allkpop said, " BTS V won the top face honor in 2021," adding, "V has won various handsome titles with national treasure-class visuals, and has been sweeping titles in various fields, including No. 1 idol who is good at writing lyrics, composin..
Director Xavier Dolan, "I want to work with V." BTS V has been selected as a Korean artist whom director Xavier Dolan wants to work with. Fans are anticipating whether V, who reigns as the representative visual of K-pop, will become a star who will continue to enter the music industry and even the film industry. According to "Kpopmap," director Xavier Dolan mentioned actors Choi Woo-sik and BTS's V as Korean artists he wanted to work with in ..