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Baekhyun said, "I want to sing for a long time so I change my vocalization...I wish I could be 30 soon." EXO Baekhyun said, "As time goes by, I feel relaxed," and added, "I hope I can be 30 soon." Baekhyun, who starred as the representative of K-pop singers in You quiz, said he started his trainee career at the age of 20 after audition. "I've always dreamed of becoming a singer, but I didn't know how to audition," he said. "When I went to college, I was cast and debuted." Baekhyun sang "cleaning" b..
Xiumin's first entertainment show after being discharged is 'shoulder dance' with Baekhyun. Xiumin, a member of the group EXO, will appear in Super Junior Kyuhyun's "Shoulder Dance" as his first entertainment show since he was discharged from the military. Channel tvN's "Shoulder Dance" on Wednesday announced the appearance of EXO's Xiumin and Baekhyun at the end of the show. In particular, Xiumin made headlines by greeting viewers for the first time since he was discharged from milita..
Baekhyun and Taeyong are my artificial intelligence secretaries. "I've always wanted to tell you something. I like you." When you ask SK Telecom's AI speaker, "Say anything," the answer comes back. How about having such an emotional conversation through the voice of your favorite celebrity? SK Telecom announced on the 11th that it will launch 'Nugu Celeb' service that allows AI artificial intelligence service as a voice of a popular star. SK Telecom joined ha..
‘MMA 2020’ TOP 10 Baekhyun, First big award as a solo, not EXO” Baekhyun proved his performance as a solo artist. Baekhyun was selected as the top 10 in the "MMA 2020" held on December 5. Baekhyun said, "I heard that I was selected as TOP10 to select 10 teams among the best artists representing this year. Thank you to the fans for the honorable award. We will continue to work hard to make good music for you. "I think I'm getting my first big award as a solo ..
EXO Baekhyun, solo concert notice... "VCR shooting" Baekhyun of EXO reported about his concert in person in person about his concert. Baekhyun posted on his Twitter account on Thursday that he was filming a concert of his own, cheering for the 2021 CSAT takers. "I came too late to shoot," he said. "It was so cold today. We were shaking while filming. "What did you shoot? Yes~ Concert VCR! Just tell me everything. "It's been a while since I had a ..
EXO Baekhyun: "Hair I Want = Half buzz cut, Soon to Do" EXO Baekhyun said he wants to do a buzz-cutting style. On November 26, hair designer Park Nae-joo posted a video titled "Baekhyun White-haired #2" on her YouTube channel. On the same day, Baekhyun said that he liked his hair when he did "KO KO Bop" about his favorite hairstyle. Park Na-joo, the director of the institute, said, "You know I've been criticized for that?" Baekhyun said, "When I firs..
The reason why EXO Baekhyun visited acquaintance shop with his white hair. EXO's Baekhyun appeared on YouTube's "Dare U Naju" to talk about his recent white hair. On the 24th, on YouTube, "Dare U Naeju" says, "Even if you bleach your hair 6 times, it still shines. posted a video titled 'Puppy Baekhyun' Baekhyun introduced himself and declared that he would dye his hair white. "Baekhyun is applying scalp protector for his scalp" said Nae-ju, a hair designer who runs 'Da..
Baekhyun expressed respect for BTS' growth. Despite a rather rude question asking Baekhyun, a member of EXO, about "the growth of BTS, Baekhyun wisely responded, which surprised netizens. Baekhyun held a showcase for the release of his first mini-album "City Lights" at SAC Art Hall in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. One reporter asked Baekhyun a question about BTS growth. In response, Baekhyun replied, "You asked me a question about BTS..
EXO Baekhyun to release solo album in Japan EXO Baekhyun, who became a million seller as a solo artist, is releasing a new album in Japan with his name "Baekhyun." EXO Baekhyun became a million seller as a solo artist after the group, as his second mini-album "Delight" sold more than 1 million copies of his album. In particular, it was the first time in 19 years that sales of solo singer albums surpassed 1 million copies, and it was the f..
Baekhyun's Real Personality He is the youngest child who is 7 years younger than his older brother, so he grew up being loved by his parents and older brother. He claims that he doesn't have aegyo and doesn't think he's cute, but he's so cute, maybe because of his natural personality. Baekhyun's image on the air always feels like a mood maker, sociability, and insider, but in reality, he is far from an insider at all. Rath..
A sure expression that He dosen't know 확신의모르겠다는표정 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/Aly30Sh1zN — ໊ (@candy1ight) July 1, 2020 Q) Last year, the International Astronomical Union (IUCN) launched a worldwide campaign to name extraterrestrial planets to celebrate its 100th anniversary. As a result, a planet about 520 light years from Earth was named in Korean for the first time. What is the name of this planet? BaekHyun) .......
'EXO' Baekhyun Sells 1 Million copies with album 'Delight' Baekhyun of EXO has set a record of 1 million albums sold as a solo artist. The agency SM Entertainment said Baekhyun sold a total of 1,018,000 copies with his latest mini-album "Delight." The group "EXO" also sold more than 1 million albums in a row, with five full-length albums from the 1st to the 5th album, achieving million sellers for both solo and group. It is the first time in 20 years si..