July birthday idol subway ad event notice
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July birthday idol subway ad event notice

by ♣KDOL★

🎉🎉July birthday idol subway CM advertisement voting event is underway 🎉🎉

[Event Details]

As of 6.21(reflected until 6.20 23:59:59 votes) among idols with birthdays in July, the Top 3 idols in the monthly ranking in June will receive a CM advertisement for 1 month at one subway station!

  * When an idol with a birthday in July ranks 3rd in the June monthly ranking and 1st in the birthday ranking, both advertisements according to the 3rd place in the monthly ranking and advertisements according to the 1st place in the birthday ranking are presented as gifts.

  * Ad design is selected through fan application after voting ends and Advertising progress will be announced through KDOL official Twitter.


[July birthday idols (in order of date)]

Super Junior Leeteuk NCT Taeyong WEi Kim Dong-han
SF9 Zuho Super Junior Heechul ATEEZ San
SF9 Inseong CRAXY HyeJin SEVENTEEN Wonwoo
SHINee Taemin NU'EST BaekHo ITZY Lia
MAMAMOO Hwasa TREASURE Yoon Jae-hyuk SF9 Dawon


[How to participate]

Download KDOL and vote for my bias to participate!

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