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TWICE Reveals New English-Language Single ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ On Tuesday (Jan. 3), TIWCE tweeted to share the release the new single song recorded in English. “TWICE Pre-Release English Single ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,'” the idols revealed. “Worldwide Release on 2023.01.20 FRI 2PM KST/0AM (12 a.m.) EST.” The title of the new song is made up of English words meaning 'moonlight' and 'morning glow'.The online cover image with subtle colors that feel the winter atmo..
TWICE's first English single 'The Feels' gains global popularity Thanks to the global popularity of TWICE's first English single 'The Feels', they surprisingly opened a behind-the-scenes cut of their music video. With the new song 'The Feels' released simultaneously around the world on October 1st, Twice achieved a splendid achievement, entering 83rd on the US Billboard's main chart 'Hot 100' and 80th on the UK official chart. This is their first English sing..
TWICE Jihyo, Innocent+Sexy TWICE's Jihyo showed off her innocent sexy charm. On the 19th, TWICE's official Instagram said, "Yesterday on Music Bank. The bracelet was posted on Music Core today" along with several photos. The released photo showed Jihyo posing for a finger heart toward the camera. Unlike Jihyo's innocent beauty, she boasts a voluminous body, attracting fans' attention. Jihyo is also showing a refreshing vi..
TWICE's 'Feel special' hits 100 million streams of japan Oricon TWICE's "Feel Special" proved its long-running popularity by surpassing 100 million streams of Oricon in Japan. Japan's Oricon said on its official website, "TWICE's 'Feel Special' recorded 1.38 million plays on the latest Oricon weekly streaming chart (counted from March 29 to April 4, 2021) and exceeded 10.66 million cumulative streaming cases." The song has been enjoying steady popularity sin..
TWICE hits 400 million views "Proud" Twice has achieved 400 million views with its "FANCY" music video and is leaving meaningful records on YouTube. The music video for the title song "FANCY" of the 7th mini album "FANCY YOU" released in April 2019 surpassed 400 million YouTube views around 7:27 p.m. on the 19th. This marks the fifth time TWICE has 400 million views, including "TT" , "LIKEY" , "What is Love?", "CHEER UP" and "FANCY..
TWICE MOMO wears transparent goggles and exudes a fresh and lively charm. TWICE Momo released an undisclosed cut. Momo, a member of the group TWICE, posted several photos with the article "TTT" on her official Instagram on the afternoon of the 12th. The photo released this time shows Momo tying her hair in pigtails and wearing transparent safety goggles in a red PVC jumpsuit. Above all, Momo is showing off her lovely visuals even after being covered with flour, which ..
Twice selected as model for Lemona Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical announced on the 9th that it has selected the group TWICE as a new model for its flagship Lemona brand. Lemona achieved its biggest sales last year and has also entered Japan, and plans to solidify its position in the Japanese market with Twice. The company also said it will strengthen global marketing by accelerating its overseas expansion in Southeast Asia and North Am..
TWICE Dahyun, a Human Vitamin TWICE Dahyun's photo was released. Dahyun, a member of the group TWICE, posted three photos on her official Instagram account on the afternoon of the 5th, along with a message saying, "Tomorrow, see you soon!" The photo released this time shows Dahyun posing in colorful costumes reminiscent of a uniform. Above all, Dahyun showed off her fresh appearance with her fair skin and dense features, att..
TWICE Jihyo, bouncy fruitiness...Healing just by looking at her TWICE Jihyo gave off a fresh and lively charm. Jihyo of the group TWICE posted several photos on her official Instagram on the afternoon of the 27th. The photo released together this time shows Nayeon posing in various poses against the backdrop of a ball pool and taking a proof shot. Above all, Jihyo showed off her bouncy in a bright yellow PVC jumpsuit, drawing attention from viewers. Bias' Pi..
Tzuyu to forgive a housekeeper in her twenties who stole Twice goods TWICE member Tzuyu forgave his housekeeper, Wang, who stole goods from her home in Taiwan. According to Taiwanese media, Tzuyu's mother, Hwang Yan-ling, visited the southern Kaohsiung police station around 5 p.m. the previous day and said, "I and Tzuyu forgave the suspect Wang." "I'm going to give her a chance to make a comeback because he's 28 years old," he said. "I hope you learned from this ..
TWICE Reveals Baby Photos...extraordinary cuteness Photos of the nine members of the group TWICE as babies have been released. TWICE's official Instagram posted a photo with the message "Baby TWICE" on the 24th. In the released photo, pictures of the nine members of TWICE's childhood are side by side, drawing attention. In particular, childhood photos of each charm, including Na-yeon, who boasts "cool beauty", Momo with round eyes and straight b..
TWICE MOMO, Red sexy with 11-shaped abs. Momo posted a picture of a healthy body without fat on TWICE's official Instagram on the 22nd, along with a message titled "Performance Project." In the released photo, Momo completed a sexy yet energetic all-red look with red pants, a red crop top, a black hat with a red belt on it, and a red coat. She also showed off her cute yet sexy charm in other shots with the shutters on. Bias' Pics & Gif..