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Young Jae of GOT7 uploads his sweet daily life with his dog ‘Coco’.. #lovestagram Youngjae, a member of the group GOT7, shared a good news with his dog 'Coco'. On the 4th, Youngjae posted several photos on his Instagram with the hashtag "#Lovestagram". In the published photo, Youngjae is shown holding Coco in his arms. The image of the two staring at the same place brings out a smile. Fans who saw the photos responded such as "Youngjae looks the happiest when he is with Coco"..
Jackson, Jinyoung, JB, new song... GOT7's solo activities begin in earnest The members of the group 'GOT7' are starting their solo activities in earnest. At the beginning of this year, the seven members all left JYP Entertainment and each has a different agency. According to Sublime Artist Agency on the 29th, Jackson, a member of GOT7, will release his new single 'Drive You Home' at 1 pm on the same day. It is a lively sound song with 808 drums added to the main melody..
GOT7 Yugyeom, “Getting to know me” New pictorials and interviews with YUGYEOM, which released their first album "Point Of View: U" as a solo artist, were released through the July issue of Marie Claire. Along with a new pictorial that he had never revealed before, he began talking about his first music since settling in a new company in an interview. "I thought about what I like, what I'm like. I'm still getting to know me. "I al..
GOT7 Yugyeom confirmed to release his first new song after signing an AOMG contract AOMG reported on its official SNS on the 4th that Yugyeom's new song will be released on the 11th. The images released together included purple tulips expressed in pictures and the phrases "YUGYEOM" and "June 11, 2021." Yugyeom received enthusiastic responses from global fans by showing his first teaser image of his solo album on the 3rd. He then confirmed the release date on the 11th, raising i..
GOT7 JB, naked photo of a woman who appeared during a live broadcast."Sorry for my carelessness." JB, a former member of GOT7, has unveiled a room full of naked pictures of women during a live broadcast, sparking controversy. Both the agency and JB apologized. JB broadcast live on SNS on the 13th. Many fans cheered for him, who built a bird's nest at H1GHR Music and started a new start as a solo artist. Meanwhile, J.B., who was lying in bed, lifted himself up and changed his posture, and a n..
GOT7 JAY B joins H1GHR MUSIC GOT7 member JB will start anew under the name JAYB. H1GHR Music, the agency, said on the 11th, "Artist JB, who served as the leader of the group GOT7, will newly join H1GHR Music under the name of JAYB," adding, "We will release our first single after joining the label on the 14th." Park Jae-beom, head of H1GHR Music, met with JAYB in person and expressed his intention to recruit them, and the t..
GOT7 Youngjae, OST ‘Pop Star’ released GOT7 Youngjae's OST 'Pop star' released GOT7 Youngjae will release the OST "Pop star" of "So I Married an Anti-Fan." Part.1 "Pop star," OST of the Friday-Saturday drama "So I Married an Anti-Fan," starring Choi Tae-joon and Choi Soo-young, is an active theme song by Hu Jun (Choi Tae-joon), who stars as a world-renowned K-pop top star in the drama. Youngjae's soft aesthetic, which blends in harmo..
JB, "GOT7's goal is to release an album once a year." Group GOT7 JB spoke about future team activities. Beauty Life magazine Beauty Pretty released a visual pictorial of the group GOT7 JAYB, which recently left JYP Entertainment and began its solo career. In this photo shoot, JAYB showed off his sexy visuals with his unique expression and pose, as if observing the different faces that he had never shown before. It is rumored that he led the shootin..
GOT7 Jackson "Planning to release an album in Korea" GOT7 Jackson Black-and-White Photo "Planning to Release Albums in Korea" The fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar released a pictorial with Jackson. In this photo shoot, Jackson pulled off black-and-white photos with a variety of charms ranging from a refreshing boyish to a mature man's sexy. In an interview that followed after the photo shoot, Jackson also expressed his ambition for a new solo care..
GOT7's Youngjae Reveals Content with his Dog GOT7 Youngjae Reveals Content with his dog Coco GOT7 Youngjae will showcase the content "Coco is Youngjae" with his dog coco. "Coco is Youngjae" is a video content featuring Youngjae's sincerity in dealing with and challenging various subjects with his dog Coco and various subjects. It is a content that not only Young-jae's fans but also all his/her companions can enjoy together, with episodes s..
GOT7 Youngjae Reveals Unreleased Song 'Lonely' Group GOT7 Youngjae released his own unreleased song. Youngjae presented "Lonely," which was written and composed directly through "ELLE STAGE" on the 1st. "Lonely," which features Young-jae's unique sweet voice, is an R&B hip-hop genre with a message of sympathy and comfort, saying, "Let's accept who I am, not others' eyes." Young-jae, who previously arranged BoA's "No.1" in an acoustic version..
JAY B "GOT7 has made me who I am today." GOT7 JAY B's sexy cover pictorial has been released. In this pictorial, JAY B showed her unique swag and sexy style. In the released photo, JAY B showed a free pose like a model wearing a stylish gina look and denim. In particular, he showed off his charm in every outfit he wore at the photo shoot. JAYB, who recently left JYP Entertainment, his long-time management agency, and started to stand a..