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SEVENTEEN will perform at the Japanese Music Awards on the 30th. 'Dream' stage unveiled Boy group Seventeen will perform at the Japanese Music Awards. According to Japan's TBS on the 24th, Seventeen will be broadcast live from 5:30 pm on the 30th, 'The 64th Shining Japan Record Awards' and presents the stage of Japan's first EP title song 'DREAM'. Seventeen will not only perform at this year's awards ceremony, but also receive the 'Special International Music Award', and this is th..
Vernon of Seventeen releases his first solo mixtape 'Black Eye' Seventeen's Vernon was released his first solo mixtape (non-regular album) 'Black Eye' at 2:00 pm on the 23rd. 'Black Eye' is a pop punk genre song that harmonizes casually tossing vocals and upbeat band sounds. Vernon said, "I wanted to show a rough and free side with 'Black Eye'" and "I think this work will be a good nutrient for me to grow as an artist in the future." "The pop punk genre that..
Seventeen's 'Face the Sun', MTV's 'Album of the Year' Group Seventeen's 4th regular album 'Face the Sun' was selected as 'Album of the Year' announced by MTV, an American music broadcasting channel. According to the music industry on the 8th, MTV said in an article on its official website on the 6th (hereafter local time), “Seventeen confronts fear by standing under the hot light rather than choosing comfort in the shade.” In 'Face the Sun', Sevent..
SEVENTEEN SeungKwan, participating in fan meeting despite ankle injury..."Minimize Performance" Seungkwan, a member of the group Seventeen, will overcome his injury and participate in the fan meeting. In an announcement posted on Seventeen's official Twitter account on the 13th, the agency Pledis Entertainment said, "After continuing to discuss with Seung-kwan whether to participate in Seventeen's online fan meeting 'Seventeen in Carat Land' while watching the artist's improvement and prog..
SEVENTEEN, comeback goal on June 22nd Group Seventeen is making a comeback. An official from the agency, Pledis Entertainment, told YTN Star on the 28th that "Seventeen is preparing a new album to comeback on June 22nd." As a result, Seventeen made a comeback as a new album in about 9 months after the 3rd regular album'An Ode' announced in September. Seventeen, who made his debut in the music industry in 2015, gained recognition by ..
Seventeen decides to cancel dome tour scheduled for May As the spread of Corona 19 in Japan became serious, SEVENTEEN canceled the first spring dome tour. Unfortunately, the second single has solidified its popularity in Japan. On the 8th, officials of the Seventeen side said on the official website of Japan, “We wanted to realize the first dome tour somehow, and we have consulted while watching the new corona virus infection. We also considered dela..