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NCT127, sweep the Japanese charts. NCT 127 topped the Oricon monthly album chart in Japan. NCT 127 topped the Oricon monthly album chart in February with its second mini-album "LOVEHOLIC" released on February 17, confirming its hot popularity in japan once again. The album is also drawing attention as it has been certified as a "gold disc" by the Japan Record Association to albums with cumulative shipments of more than 100,000 al..
NCT Yuta tops Instagram followers among Japanese male celebrities NCT Yuta has become the most followers of Instagram among Japanese male celebrities. According to Oricon, NCT Yuta recorded about 5.01 million Instagram followers as of the afternoon of the 4th, achieving the highest number of Japanese male celebrities. Yuta recently surpassed Tomohisa Yamashita, the No. 1 Japanese male celebrity, with more than 5 million followers on Instagram. Tomohisa Yamashi..
"NCT 127" topped the Oricon charts with mini-album "Loveholic" NCT 127 topped the Oricon charts with the release of their new mini-album in Japan. NCT 127 is Japan's second mini-album "LOVEHOLIC," which was released on the 17th, and ranked first in the Oricon Daily Album rankings on the day of its release. The album includes five new Japanese songs, including the title track "gimme gimme", "First Love", "Lipstick", "Chica Bom" and "Right Now". The title tra..
Jaehyun, "I wanted to play a character that wasn't obvious." In "Dear. M," Jaehyun expressed his feelings about his first acting challenge. KBS2's special Friday drama "Dear. M" is a youth romance drama that shows pink reasoning while searching for "M," the main character of a confession that has overturned Seoyeon University. Among them, Jae-hyun of the popular idol group NCT is taking on an acting challenge through "Dear M," raising fans' expectations. ..
NCT 'gimme gimme' pre-release Group NCT 127's second mini-album title song "gimme gimme" was pre-released on the 15th. Prior to the album's release, NCT 127 released the title track "gimme gimme" on domestic and foreign music platforms at midnight, and at 6 p.m., the music video of "gimme gimme" will also be released on YouTube's SMTOWN channel, drawing keen attention from music fans. The new song "gimme gimme" is a progress..
NCT DREAM Jeno, who has horse muscles in his arms. NCT DREAM Jeno recalled the time of the men's archery competition. In MBC's Lunar New Year special "Idol Star Championship Hall of Fame," which aired on February 12, Jeno of NCT DREAM, who played in the archery competition of "Idol Star Athletics Championships," appeared as a guest. "I was so nervous because it was my first time playing archery," Jeno said, recalling the past archery competition..
NCT Jisung shares his life plans as an adult NCT's Jisung became an adult, recently, he turned 20 in Korean age and shared with his fans the wishes to which he aspires in this new stage of life. NCT continues its winter break, after their promotions with “RESONANCE”, each subunit plans to return with a new comeback and debut new members, they will also celebrate the birthdays of some of the members. Yesterday was a time of celebration for ..
NCT Ranked No. 2 K-pop Artist Most mentioned on Twitter in 2020 NCT proved its global popularity by ranking second in the most mentioned K-pop artist TOP10 on Twitter in 2020. According to the data released by Twitter from January 1 to December 31, 2020 through its official account on the 4th, NCT ranked second in the "Most mentioned K-pop Artist TOP10," proving once again the power of NCT, which is gaining attention worldwide. NCT also ranked sixth in the "..
NCT tops January album charts Group NCT topped the January album chart with its second full-length album. "NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2," released in November last year, topped the January monthly album charts, including Hanteo Chart and Yes24, which were released today (1st). It has topped the monthly chart for two consecutive months, realizing the popularity of NCT's long run once again. Earlier, NCT became a "double..
"260,000 followers" in 4 hours after NCT Mark opened instagram. Mark, a member of the group NCT, opened an Instagram account. Mark created his Instagram account and posted two photos on Wednesday. Mark in the photo is wearing a hooded T-shirt and loose color block pants and a jumper. He wore white sneakers and showed off his long legs. Do-young, a member who saw the picture, showed her affection by adding a tearful emoticon with a comment saying, "My baby is..
WAYV is harassed by sasaengs and suffers from accident at the airport WayV suffers an incident at the airport in South Korea after the presence of several fans, and fans demand protection for the K-pop group. The Chinese sub-unit of the SM agency is in South Korea to fulfill some of their agendas after promoting the “RESONANCE” project, as each group is expected to launch before debuting new members; however, during this winter break they have been harassed. Throu..
NCT127, TOP10 Award..."We hope our music gives you a lot of strength." Group NCT127 was selected as the top 10 in the 2020 APAN AWARDS. The 2020 APAN MUSIC AWARDS" was held at the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Seoul on the afternoon of the 24th." Singer Kim Jong-kook and actor Jeon So-min were the MCs, boasting fantastic teamwork. On this day, NCT127 said, "We received a lot of love in 2020, and thank you for giving us such a big award." And he said, "Thank..