1. Jin 2. Jimin 3. Sunoo 4. V 5. Niki KDOL Weekly Rankings (2022-20th)
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1. Jin 2. Jimin 3. Sunoo 4. V 5. Niki KDOL Weekly Rankings (2022-20th)

by ♣KDOL★


BTS Jin took the top spot in the 20th week of 2022 on the global K-pop idol popular chart service app 'KDOL', receiving the most hearts.

KDOL counts real-time votes for K-pop idols and resets it every day at midnight Korean time.

In the weekly ranking for the 20th week of 2022, Jin took first place with a total of 253,024,153 hearts. In second place was Jimin, a BTS with 102,587,637 hearts. Next, △ ENHYPEN SUNOO △ BTS V △ ENHYPEN NIKI was counted

KDOL, a global K-pop idol popularity chart service app that allows users to vote from around the world, reflects 100% of the votes of users participating in and outside the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea, etc.

Meanwhile, in the KDOL weekly ranking for the 20th week of 2022, △BTS Jin △BTS Jimin △ENHYPEN SUNOO △BTS V △ENHYPEN Ni-ki △ENHYPEN SunghoonBTS SugaENHYPEN HEESEUNG △Astro Cha Eunwoo △ENHYPEN Jay △Stray Kids Hyunjin △BTS Jungkook △ENHYPEN JAKE △TWICE Tzuyu △BTS J-Hope △BTS RM △NCT Haechan △Stray Kids Han, △SEVENTEEN Jeonghan and EXO Suho were counted in the following order.

Every month, KDOL provides top 3 idols and birthday idols with gifts, such as rising brand rankings through subway advertisements and news article distribution, and anyone can participate in voting.

How to Vote in KDOL: https://kdolmaster.tistory.com/101


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