Corona aftermath...BLACKPINK's concert will be postponed until January 31st next year.
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Corona aftermath...BLACKPINK's concert will be postponed until January 31st next year.

by ♣KDOL★

BLACKPINK's live stream concert (YG PALM STAGE - 2020 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW) has been postponed until January 31 next year. 

The decision came after the social distance between the Seoul metropolitan area to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection has been upgraded to a measure that is virtually equivalent to the third stage.

According to YG Entertainment on the 17th, the local government of BLACKPINK's live stream concert recently announced an executive order banning the additional application of 2.5 stages of social distance.


The key point is to ban gatherings and events of more than 10 people from Dec. 11 to Dec. 28 by applying stricter quarantine rules than the government's social distance of 2.5 steps.

YG was scheduled to partner with YouTube and broadcast BLACKPINK's live stream concert "The Show" live on the 27th.

YG asked for the fans' understanding through a notice regarding the performance and said, "We will prepare harder for the fans who have been waiting and come back with a better performance."

BLACKPINK also expressed their regret to fans through SNS video contents.

BLACKPINK members said, "I wanted to give some comfort to many people who are having a hard time, but I think it is also important to prepare for the performance in a safe environment and the health of everyone with The Show."

In addition, the members said, "I really appreciate the medical staff who are working hard to overcome Corona 19 at this moment. Take care of your health at the upcoming end of the year and see you next year at The Show," they said with a bright smile.


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