GOT7 BamBam Reveals his Essential Items for Overseas Tour
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GOT7 BamBam Reveals his Essential Items for Overseas Tour

by ♣KDOL★

BamBam, a member of GOT7, unveiled his attachment blanket.

On the 29th, Vogue Korea's official YouTube channel posted a new video of "My Vogue," titled "GOT7 BamBam, a hermit crab-type person who carries a house in a bag?"

In the released video, BamBam said, "When I went abroad, I carried a lot of luggage," revealing a large bag. He said, "I think I bought it overseas. I bought a big one because I didn't have enough seats during the tour. "I like it because it's too big. I'm using it well."

BamBam said, "I brought mainly what I carry abroad first," revealing items that I pack whenever I go abroad, such as INSENSE, SPECTOR BOX, ACCESSORIES BOX, LARGE SPEAKER, etc. 

In particular, BamBam revealed what he carried like an amulet and said, "It was very hard when I just debuted.

He then introduced himself with the blanket he was actually using in his arms, saying, "It's a blanket I've been using since I was a trainee, but I bought it at a large mart." 

"I have a habit since I was a child," he said. "When I sleep, the blanket is so soft that I do this (with my hands), and as you know, I can't sleep without it."

It was originally white, but it turned a little gray." BamBam said, "It's so old that I tried to buy something else, but no matter how much I looked for it, it didn't have this material." I really want to know who made this. I think I'll stay with him until the end of my life," he said, showing a special attachment to the blanket.

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