TWICE Reveals Concept Film
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TWICE Reveals Concept Film

by ♣KDOL★

Twice released the concept film in surprise.

TWICE released a teaser video on its official SNS channel on the 14th that shows the atmosphere of "CRY FOR ME".

The tinkling of shoes and deep breathing breathed tension and the melody of "CRY FOR ME," which resonated grandly, made the hearts of viewers beat.


Twice, with a particularly captivating look, left a deep impression with its rose-like intense visuals blooming from thorn bushes.

"CRY FOR ME" is a song about a confused feeling of love and hatred, and you can feel the charm of a deeper TWICE.

Park Jin-young, the representative producer of JYP Entertainment, and popular singer-songwriter Heize wrote the lyrics to describe the moment when extreme emotions coexist.

The song has drawn keen attention from fans since it was first released at the "2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards" held on the 6th.


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