Indonesia's K-pop fans donate 100 million won.
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Indonesia's K-pop fans donate 100 million won.

by ♣KDOL★

In Indonesia, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods have been continuing this year, K-pop fans have begun to rescue the disaster.

Local K-pop fan clubs such as BTS, BlackPink, and Red Velvet, and Korean drama enthusiasts voluntarily joined the donation list. It is unusual for Indonesian K-pop fans to donate simultaneously with their favorite idol groups.

According to the local crowdfunding donation platform "Kita bisa" on the 23rd, 44,573 members of 14 Indonesian Hallyu fan clubs donated 160 million won as of the previous day.


The donation, which began on the 15th when massive earthquake damage occurred on Sulawesi Island, is being carried out by setting a target amount for each fan club. Considering that donations can be made from at least KRW 80 (1,000 rupiah), this is the result of collecting money from time to time.

For example, BTS fan ARMY Indonesia has been raising funds with the goal of 61.4 million won since the 15th. Currently, nearly 20,000 people participated in the event and raised about 50 million won. More than 10,000 members of EXO's fan club EXO-L Indonesia donated nearly 23.7 million won.


Super Junior's fan club "Elf Indonesia" received 759 donations in a week, exceeding its target of 3.95 million won. In addition, 7,366 NCT and WayV fans donated 12 million won, 762 BLACKPINK fans donated 2.3 million won, and 246 Red Velvet fans donated 800,000 won.

Relief supplies purchased through donations are being delivered to the affected sites one after another. An official from Kitabisa explained, "K-pop fans have raised money to prevent the new coronavirus infection through Kitabisa before, but this time many fan clubs participated at once."

Kitabisa, which means "we can do it," is Indonesia's largest donor with 2.5 million members. In other words, the Korean Wave is having a good influence in Indonesia.


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