EXO-KAI, open his closet. it was like a Luxury Store.
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EXO-KAI, open his closet. it was like a Luxury Store.

by ♣KDOL★

EXO member Kai's closet will be revealed.

"The Devil Wears Jeong Nam" on TVN on the 15th. In the third episode of Season 2, the story of Bae Jung-nam and EXO-Kai, who visited each other's homes on the occasion of "Employee's Home Visit Day," is depicted. 

The two will tour each other's homes and closets and carry out missions to style each other with items they own.

Bae Jung-nam and Kai are eye-catching with completely different interiors and wardrobe tastes. The first house they visited was Bae Jung-nam's house. Kai was reportedly busy looking around Bae Jung-nam's house, which was full of vintage items and unique costumes.

Bae Jung-nam will start styling Kai in costumes based on New York, Paris and Milan. Kai, who is completely different from usual style, is rumored to have admired Bae Jung-nam's fashion sense, saying, "The boss seems to really love clothes." Even Bae Jung-nam's dog Bell, who had perfect Kai's digestion, was attracted to the changed Kai.

Bae Jung-nam, who visited Kai's house, which resembles a luxury museum, cannot keep his mouth shut. When she sees neatly organized clothes by type, she tells a sincere joke, "Do you want to change it?" and calls out laughter. 

Bae Jung-nam, who played the role of "one-day idol" according to Kai's styling, will then showcase EXO's "The Eve" with Kai, who claims to be "Kai senior." President Bae Jung-nam's unprecedented dance skills and their laughter-filled runway also stimulate curiosity.

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