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BLACKPINK Jennie Wears Luxury Cardigan To See Cherry Blossoms Jennie, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, filled her daily photos with spring energy. Jennie uploaded several photos to her Instagram on the afternoon of the 4th and posted a short comment, "Spring." Jennie then describes it as "pink popcorn everywhere" and draws attention by leaving selfies of various poses against the backdrop of cherry blossoms. On this day, Jennie doubled her feminine charm .. 2021. 4. 4.
GOT7 Youngjae Reveals Unreleased Song 'Lonely' Group GOT7 Youngjae released his own unreleased song. Youngjae presented "Lonely," which was written and composed directly through "ELLE STAGE" on the 1st. "Lonely," which features Young-jae's unique sweet voice, is an R&B hip-hop genre with a message of sympathy and comfort, saying, "Let's accept who I am, not others' eyes." Young-jae, who previously arranged BoA's "No.1" in an acoustic version.. 2021. 4. 4.
EXO's Chanyeol will release his solo song 'Tomorrow' on the 6th. The solo song "Tomorrow", a gift from the group EXO Chanyeol, will be released as a surprise. According to his agency SM Entertainment on the 4th, Chanyeol's solo song "Tomorrow" is a new song released through SM "STATION". It will be available on various music websites at 6 p.m. on the 6th. "Tomorrow" is a minimal acoustic pop song, which honestly and calmly unravels the thoughts of the future .. 2021. 4. 4.
BTS agency HYBE acquires Justin Bieber's agency for 1 trillion won Group BTS's agency HYBE will take over a comprehensive media company of U.S. big producer Scooter Brown. HYBE announced through Big Hit America on the 2nd that it will acquire a 100% stake in Ithaca Holdings for $1.05 billion (about 1.184 trillion won). Big Hit America has decided to invest 100 percent of its capital increase of 1.728 trillion won for the acquisition. Ithaca Holdings has a count.. 2021. 4. 4.
BlackPink Jisoo, can't think she is human Jeon Hyun-moo, a broadcaster, admired BLACKPINK JI SOO, saying, "I was surprised." Jeon Hyun-moo hosted the show under the theme 'Face Wannabe Star.' While Shinhwa's Jeon Jin and Ha Sung-woon appeared as guests, Jeon Hyun-moo asked, "Is there a celebrity who was so pretty that even can't made a noise?" Jeon Jin said, "Pinkle, S.E.S., and Baby Vox were all pretty," and pointed out colleagues who .. 2021. 4. 2.
JAY B "GOT7 has made me who I am today." GOT7 JAY B's sexy cover pictorial has been released. In this pictorial, JAY B showed her unique swag and sexy style. In the released photo, JAY B showed a free pose like a model wearing a stylish gina look and denim. In particular, he showed off his charm in every outfit he wore at the photo shoot. JAYB, who recently left JYP Entertainment, his long-time management agency, and started to stand a.. 2021. 4. 2.
BTS Jungkook's songwriting and composing, 'Your Eyes Tell' opens today Jungkook, a member of BTS, participates in writing and composing and the movie "Your Eyes Tell," which BTS sang the OST, will launch a simultaneous VOD service at the theater. According to Little Big Pictures on the 2nd, 'Your Eyes Tell' will open a simultaneous VOD service for theaters from this day. The movie "Your Eyes Tell" is a beautiful and dazzling romance drawn by a man who has closed hi.. 2021. 4. 2.
BLACKPINK Rose's "GONE" music video is coming out. The music video for BLACKPINK Rose's solo album sub-title song "GONE" will be released. Global fans are paying keen attention to the music video, which surpassed 50 million views on YouTube with just a 33-second teaser video. YG Entertainment officially posted a poster of Rose's "GONE" music video on its official blog on the 1st. Amid the strong contrast between the background of the red flames .. 2021. 4. 1.
EXO's Baekhyun, 'Bambi's Global 1st Place Start EXO's Baekhyun has proved his one-top solo power by sweeping the top of the global chart at the same time as the release of his new mini album "Bambi." Baekhyun's new mini-album 'Bambi' released on the 30th is Canada, France, Italy, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Singapore, Japan, India, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Austria, .. 2021. 4. 1.
BTS is nominated for the Brit Awards. BTS has been nominated for the 2021 BRIT Awards, the highest music award in the UK. The "Brit Awards" announced on March 31 (local time) through its official SNS that BTS was nominated for the "International Group" category for its digital single "Dynamite." The Brit Awards, which began in 1977, is an award ceremony organized by the British Recording Industry Association, which boasts the highes.. 2021. 4. 1.
GOT7 JB and H1GHR MUSIC are discussing contracts GOT7's JB builds a new nest in H1GHR MUSIC. JB, who left his agency after the expiration of his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in January, is discussing an exclusive contract with hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC, headed by Park Jae-beom. GOT7 debuted in January 2014 with their first mini-album "Got it?" and has been active as a global idol group, releasing various hit songs such as "Hard Ca.. 2021. 3. 31.
Why Baekhyun insist only R&B? Baekhyun is building his own musical identity. On the afternoon of the 30th, a press conference was held to commemorate the release of Baekhyun's third mini album "Bambi." EXO member Xiumin is the MC. On the same day, Baekhyun said that six R&B songs will be included in "Bambi." He said, "The R&B genre is really wide. I was a singer who only insisted on traditional ballads. I wanted to do a genr.. 2021. 3. 31.
BTS V gives off a lovely charm in "Run BTS". BTS V has fascinated fans around the world with his visuals and lovely charm. BTS aired the 135th episode of its own entertainment show "Run BTS" on Naver V LIVE and Weverse on the 30th. In this broadcast, he played a game in which he drew one of six cards under the mission of Protecting My Things, hid the object, and got 10 points for protecting his own things, and 3 points for finding other pe.. 2021. 3. 31.
BLACKPINK Jennie supports Rosé solo in her pajamas BLACKPINK Jennie cheered for Rosé's solo debut. Jennie posted a video clip of Rosé's "On the Ground" on her Instagram story on the 29th and posted "Your number one fan girl." In the released video, Jennie boasts a doll-like visual even though she is bare-faced without makeup. In particular, Jenny, called "Human Chanel," drew attention as she wore a pink strawberry pajama. Meanwhile, Jennie runs .. 2021. 3. 30.
GOT7 BamBam Reveals his Essential Items for Overseas Tour BamBam, a member of GOT7, unveiled his attachment blanket. On the 29th, Vogue Korea's official YouTube channel posted a new video of "My Vogue," titled "GOT7 BamBam, a hermit crab-type person who carries a house in a bag?" In the released video, BamBam said, "When I went abroad, I carried a lot of luggage," revealing a large bag. He said, "I think I bought it overseas. I bought a big one because.. 2021. 3. 30.
EXO Baekhyun "Million seller achieved, thanks to EXO-L's love" Baekhyun expressed his feelings about achieving million sellers in both the group and solo fields. At 2 p.m. on the 30th, an online press conference for Baekhyun's third mini-album "Bambi" was held on EXO's official YouTube channel. On the same day, Baek said, "I couldn't imagine a million sellers even as a solo artist. "I was really happy when I achieved million sellers with Delight." Baekhyun .. 2021. 3. 30.
BTS "All opposition to racism and violence, We will join you." BTS also joined the "StopAsianHate" movement against discrimination against Asians. BTS posted a hashtag #StopAAPIHate and #StopAsianHate on Twitter in the morning of the 30th and voiced opposition to discrimination against Asians. "We offer out condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. And We feel truly angry with sadness." They then explained the racism they experienced. "We remembe.. 2021. 3. 30.
Chic itself, BlackPink Lisa BLACKPINK Lisa showed off the power of global fashion icons. On the 15th, the cover and pictorial of the April issue of ELLE, a fashion magazine with CELINE, a brand that BlackPink Lisa is working as a global ambassador, were released. In the pictorial, Lisa showed off her stylish charm with her doll-like beauty and unique aura. After the release of the pictorial, comments of enthusiastic intere.. 2021. 3. 29.