'KPOP/BLACKPINK' 카테고리의 글 목록 (4 Page)
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BLACKPINK ROSE appearance in the "My Little Old Boy" BLACKPINK Rose will appear on SBS's "My Little Old Boy". In "My Little Old Boy," which will air on the 14th, BlackPink Rose will appear as a special MC. The mothers shouted "She is Like my granddaughters" at Rose, who appeared in the studio. ROSE of BLACKPINK also reciprocates the response of mothers by making use of her strong vocal skills. ROSE, who usually gives off a strange charm, showed of..
Blackpink Lisa, her beauty that stands out even in black and white photos BLACKPINK's Lisa showed off her outstanding beauty. Blackpink Lisa posted black-and-white photos on her Instagram without comment. The released photo shows Lisa sitting in a casual costume. In particular, her sharp jawline and intense eyes attract attention. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has achieved a huge success with more than 500 million views on its music video. Bias' Pics & Gifs▼▼▼▼▼▼ Raise Bias' b..
BLACKPINK Rosé appears on "Jimmy Fallon Show" for the first time as a K-pop female soloist. BLACKPINK Rose's first global solo stage has been confirmed as NBC's flagship talk show "Jimmy Fallon Show." According to his agency YG Entertainment, Rose will appear on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on the 16th (local time). Rose will perform the title track "On The Ground" of her first solo single album "R" at the Jimmy Fallon Show. As it is Rose's first solo album, which fan..
Blackpink Jennie Selected as Vita 500 Model Guangdong Pharmaceutical announced on the 8th that it will select BlackPink member Jennie as a new model for Vita 500 and introduce a CF. This CF is about vitamin C, the main ingredient of vitamin 500, helping refresh to a healthy and happy daily life. The company explained that it selected Jennie as a model to restore vitality and laughter to those who are tired of long social distancing and sh..
BLACKPINK ROSE has breaked 400,000 pre-order for her first solo album BLACKPINK Rose showed overwhelming artist power even before her full-fledged solo debut. According to his agency YG Entertainment, Rose's first solo single album "R" surpassed 400,000 preorders as of the 8th, four days after the pre-order window opened. This is the highest record for a single female solo artist in Korea. This figure is based on the total number of orders from all over the world...
BlackPink Rosé is selected 'Visionary Women' as the only Korean woman. BLACKPINK Rose was the only Korean artist to participate in the playlist theme exclusively organized by Apple Music on the occasion of "World Women's Day." Apple Music made a playlist titled "Visionary Women" on Tuesday and launched it simultaneously around the world. Many global female artists, including Ariana Grande, Cardibi, and Kara Delevine, participated in the event, adding meaning to it,..
BLACKPINK Jennie, sparkle...Unrivaled presence Group BLACKPINK Jennie posted photos on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 6th with the message "My favorite Vita~" The photo released this time shows Jennie taking a selfie in the sun. In another photo, Jennie is holding a bouquet of flowers she received as a gift at the commercial shooting site and sticking out her lips. Above all, Jennie attracted the attention of viewers with her doll-lik..
BlackPink Jisoo became a Dior global ambassador and Along with Natalie Portman JiSoo, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, has become a global ambassador for the brand Dior. Dior announced on his official Instagram on the 6th that BlackPink member Jisoo has become a new Ambassador. At the same time, she released a photo of her recent photo shoot with Double U Korea. Jisoo has become a global ambassador for Dior's fashion and beauty. Dior's three global ambassadors are Natalie..
BlackPink Rose starts pre-orders for her first single album 'R' Preorders for Black Pink Rose's first solo single album began at 2 p.m. today (4th). According to YG Entertainment, Rosé's first solo single "R" physical album will be released on March 16. CD, LP, and KiT will be released in three different versions, and the album will be released on Wednesday. The CD has 98 pages of photo books, as well as a set of stickers, random postcards, random double-sid..
Blackpink Jisoo, mask + hip fashion is perfect. JiSoo, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, shared her daily life. On the 3rd, Jisoo posted a number of photos on her personal Instagram along with a message titled "Stamp for Work." In the photo released, Jisoo is wearing a mask and taking selfies in her comfortable daily clothes. In particular, the beauty, perfect fashion digestion, and a pure atmosphere that impresses just by looking at the eyes..
Unrivaled Goddess Visual BLACKPINK Jisoo Jisoo (25), a star who proudly posted her name in the genealogy of faces genius and has been receiving enthusiastic love calls from house brands. BLACKPINK, which has captivated the world beyond Korea, is currently one of the hottest singers in the global music market. From Selena Gomez, one of the top 10 wannabe singers in the U.S., to a series of famous U.S. talk shows featuring only the top s..
BlackPink's YG, Will Big Hit hold hands and get wings? Attention is focusing on whether YG Entertainment's stock price will be able to rise through cooperation with Big Hit and whether its artists will resume their activities this year. Shares of YG Entertainment rose 2.24 percent to 45,700 won by the end of February this year after rising 63 percent last year. The company's performance in the fourth quarter of last year, which was released on Febru..