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BTS against racial discrimination and violence... The global boy group BTS announced that they are against racism and violence. On this day, BTS posted an official Twitter post in Korean and English, saying, "We are against racism. We are against violence. I, you, we all have the right to be respected. We will be together." In this article, they once again indicated that they supported the anti-racism movementby attaching a'BlackLivesMatter' (a..
Seventeen decides to cancel dome tour scheduled for May As the spread of Corona 19 in Japan became serious, SEVENTEEN canceled the first spring dome tour. Unfortunately, the second single has solidified its popularity in Japan. On the 8th, officials of the Seventeen side said on the official website of Japan, “We wanted to realize the first dome tour somehow, and we have consulted while watching the new corona virus infection. We also considered dela..
BTS, the reason for a global syndrome #Message #Intercultural fandom Scholars at home and abroad have found the main factors in the BTS syndrome called‘The 21st Century Beatles’ in ‘Message’, ‘Fandom’ and ‘Digital Media’. Canada’s Simon Fraser University professor Jin Dal-Yong’s team cited “the hopeful message” as the secretthat BTS formed an explosive fandom. Professor Jin, who recently conducted a survey ofover 200 global fans of BTS, said, “Many fans were comf..
Will the second BTS come out? K-pop is growing in popularity, but there are also voices of concern. In particular, many experts consider K-pop to be uniform around the idols created by the agency. Korean idols who have undergone strict training through the system of “trainees” since their teens show high-quality “Kalgunmu” and gorgeous performances. In other countries that don’t have a plan for trainees, these points are ref..
K-pop becomes mainstream with youtube and fans The popularity of K-pop (popular music in Korea) is becoming a global phenomenon. It started in East Asia such as China, Japan, and Thailand in the early 2000s, and expanded to Europe and South America in the 2010s, and has been “occupying” the North American market, starting with BTS in the last 1-2 years. Now you can find K-pop fans anywhere in the world, and you can see those dancing to K-pop..
BTS official fan club ‘Army’ means Army is the English word ‘ARMY’ read literally, meaning army or military. The general explanation is that the group’s BTS and its fan club always mean to be together, just as the body armor and the military are always together. ‘A.R.M.Y.’ is also an abbreviation of ‘Adorable Representative M.C for Youth’. This is interpreted as ‘the lovely spokesman MC representing youth,’ where MC is the host o..
The best K-POP girl group TWICE’s blitz analysis TWICE (English: TWICE, Japanese: ト ゥ ワ イ ス) is a South Korean 9-member girl group belonging to JYP Entertainment. Through SIXTEEN, 9 final members were selected on July 7, 2015, and it is an Asian multinational girl group consisting of 5 Korean members, 3 Japanese members, and 1 Taiwan member. On October 19, 2015, the midnight sound source and music video were released at the same time, and on t..
More important than success is to be together … EXO’s theory of happiness Suho said, “We don’t say we earn a lot, because people who earn a lot have to treat all.So when they ask about each other’s income, they talk roughly.”Subsequently, Suho said, “I do musicals and movies, and I live hard.Baekhyun has a statistic of 500,000 solo albums.” Chanyeol said, “When I like someone, I like to give them something.I wanted to play a game with the members, so I presented a lap..
How EXO became a trend Exo, which has concentrated on SM’s idol planning know-how, has been a group with SM’s typical colors since its debut. The storytelling based on the concept of an unknown person with super powers from an outer planet provided the fantasy of a teenage boy. In the idol market, which is becoming uniform, teenagers and men will succeed in making early images of the new group with uniform fashion and..
Top 10 secrets of BTS’ popularity Lyrics that teenagers can relate to Members’ ability to write and compose genius Sophisticated music video and strong fandom The reality of the era shared by music Harmony of vocal, sound and performance Application of contents in arts fields such as literature and film Utilizing digital materials such as Internet and SNS An epic song about the youth’s agony and environment The manifestation of ..
BTS RM’s UN speech Full script(KOR & ENG) My name is Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS.It is an incredible honor to be invited to an occasion with such significance for today’s young generation.저는 김남준입니다. 그룹 BTS의 리더인 RM이라고도 합니다. 지금 세대의 청년층에게 큰 의미가 있는 자리에 오늘 이렇게 초대받게 되어 대단히 큰 영광입니다. Last November, BTS launched the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF built on our beliefthat true love first begins with loving myself. ..