EXO D.O.'s Fan Club Donates 17 Million Won for Children with Childhood Cancer Leukemia
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EXO D.O.'s Fan Club Donates 17 Million Won for Children with Childhood Cancer Leukemia

by ♣KDOL★

EXO D.O. fan club's donation. 

On Tuesday, the 12th, EXO D.O.'s fan club (actor Do Kyung-soo) donated 17,000 won for children with childhood cancer leukemia this year, following last year.

An official of EXO's fan club who delivered the donation said, "We are sponsoring to celebrate the 29th birthday of Do Kyung-soo and his healthy discharge from the military. We live a healthy life, but it is heartbreaking for children with childhood cancer to be healthy on their own.


Just as Do Kyung-soo has completed his 18-month military service well and returned healthy, I sincerely hope that the children who are being treated will also be able to recover."

The Korea Children's Cancer Foundation said, "We thank EXO D.O. and fan club members who are always with us for fighting against the disease. Your constant good deeds will be delivered to children with childhood cancer leukemia, which will give them great strength and courage in their fighting life. "Thank you very much," he said.

EXO D.O.'s fan club has been continuing various meaningful sharing activities for children with childhood cancer throughout 2020, including a monthly donation of 21.5 million won, including a campaign to save newborn babies, Corona 19 donations and help flood neighbors.


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