EXO's Sehun is touched by the fans' birthday event.
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EXO's Sehun is touched by the fans' birthday event.

by ♣KDOL★

Group EXO Sehun thanked the fans for the event.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Sehun posted two pictures on his Instagram with a message saying, "Always on sehun's side."

In the released photo, Sehun is leaving a proof shot in front of a banner prepared by fans to celebrate his birthday. This is to express gratitude for the love of the fans' love. Sehun's visual, which shines on all-black fashion, attracts praise from fans.


Meanwhile, EXO fans prepared various events to celebrate Sehun's birthday on April 12, but some congratulatory ads were postponed due to the April 7 by-elections.

Sehun's real name is Oh Se-hoon, which was the reason for the election law problem because his name is the same as the candidate for Seoul mayor in the by-elections.

In addition, Oh Se-hoon's color of the People's Power Party means red, and the flag for Se-hoon's birthday advertisement is also red, so the event was postponed.

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