Down syndrome boy who dreamed of watching BTS performance receives free ticket gift
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Down syndrome boy who dreamed of watching BTS performance receives free ticket gift

by ♣KDOL★

An American boy with developmental disabilities who was saving money to go to a BTS face-to-face concert for the first time in two years received a free ticket.

Harrison, who lives in Newbury Park, California, made a plan when he heard about his LA concert. He decided to make money to buy concert tickets. He went out with a broom and made money by cleaning the porches and yards of the neighborhood houses.

Meanwhile, Harrison's story was posted on the online fundraising site 'Go Fund Me'. A video of him dancing to BTS' music and working in clothes with the cover of BTS' song "Butter" was also released. More than 130 people participated in the fundraising, and more than $3,500 (about KRW 4.16 million) was raised, which exceeded the target of $886 (about KRW 1.05 million).

However, the concert tickets were sold out as soon as they went on sale. Harrison's hard work and the support of those around him did not come to fruition.

The sad story was eventually passed on to the theater management team. The venue management decided to gift him a separate VIP ticket. To commemorate the 1 millionth ticket sale since opening, Sofai Stadium, where BTS's LA concert will be held, selected Harrison as a special guest and gave him a free BTS concert ticket.

BTS will hold a concert at Sofai Stadium in LA on the 27th and 28th and on the 1st and 2nd of next month, and Harrison will be able to attend for free on the 27th, the first day of the performance.

Harrison wore a robe with BTS member Jungkook's name engraved on it to the giveaway held in front of Sofai Stadium, and he and his family laughed out loud.

Harrison's mom expressed her gratitude, saying, "The child worked really hard to see the BTS performance and she received a lot of love as her story became known."


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