“Superstar BTS” won 3 AMAs, should they go to the military even in the new history?… 25~26 days are key
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“Superstar BTS” won 3 AMAs, should they go to the military even in the new history?… 25~26 days are key

by ♣KDOL★

BTS, the first Asian singer to win Artist of the Year, the grand prize at the '2021 American Music Awards' (AMA), may be exempted from military service.

The amendment to the Military Service Act, which allows pop culture artists with a high contribution to national interest to perform alternative military service as art and sports personnel, is about to be reconsidered at the National Assembly on the 25th.

If the amendment to the military service law proposed by lawmakers is not passed, the eldest member of BTS, Jin, will have to enlist in the military by the end of next year.

As the current enforcement ordinance of the Military Service Act does not stipulate popular culture as a specialty in the arts and sports fields, it has been pointed out that stars in the popular culture field, such as BTS, are making efforts to promote national prestige, but it is impossible to join art and sports personnel.


In this regard, the National Defense Commission is also scheduled to hold a general meeting on the 26th.

And the Korea Music Contents Association issued a press release, arguing, "This month is the last chance to benefit from BTS' military service."

“Even if BTS achieves overwhelming achievements, they are discriminated against compared to the fine arts,” the Association added.

Everything about whether BTS will be exempt from military service will be decided on the 25th and 26th, and the current domestic public opinion is also favorable to BTS, so there is a possibility that they will receive exemption from military service.


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