'BTS agency' HYBE officially enters NFT business
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'BTS agency' HYBE officially enters NFT business

by ♣KDOL★

HYBE, the agency of BTS, will start full-fledged intellectual property (IP) business based on artists such as 'NFT' and webtoons and web novels.

Hive emphasized 'Boundless'. It means borderless expansion in four areas: ▲country and region ▲industry ▲the present and future of fan experience ▲strong artist portfolio.

In particular, on the same day, HYBE announced a global partnership between Dunamu, a leading blockchain and fintech company. It heralded the 'boundless' between industries that will be unfolded through the convergence of artist IP and blockchain and fintech technologies.

Through a new joint venture, they announced that they would open an NFT business in which artist IP-based contents and products can become digital assets of fans.

Dunamu explained, "The convergence of artist IP and blockchain technology will be another innovation in the entertainment industry and a technology for people who have created unique values ​​and fans who have supported them."

HYBE also announced a project plan to convert the artist IP into a webtoon or web novel by adding the artist IP to the story. "It is a business that expands further through the experience of watching and reading music," he emphasized.

On this day, HYBE also emphasized the philosophy of continuing to be interactive between artists and fans. He also foretold a new version of the Weverse that will enhance the vitality of communication and ease of use by adding a new game and Spot Live function that is being prepared in an 'open development' method.

In addition, HYBE officially announced the launch of Weverse, integrated with V-LIVE, in the first half of next year. In addition, Naver plans to introduce a new fandom platform through synergy with Naver's R&D capabilities such as search and artificial intelligence.

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