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EXO's Chanyeol will release his solo song 'Tomorrow' on the 6th. The solo song "Tomorrow", a gift from the group EXO Chanyeol, will be released as a surprise. According to his agency SM Entertainment on the 4th, Chanyeol's solo song "Tomorrow" is a new song released through SM "STATION". It will be available on various music websites at 6 p.m. on the 6th. "Tomorrow" is a minimal acoustic pop song, which honestly and calmly unravels the thoughts of the future ..
EXO Chanyeol, today (29th) enlistment...active service in the army EXO member Chanyeol (29) will join the army. According to Chanyeol's agency SM Entertainment, Chanyeol will enter the training center on the same day and undergo basic military training and serve in the Army. According to quarantine guidelines such as Covid-19, no separate events will be held. The place and time of enlistment were not disclosed. As a result, Chanyeol is the fifth EXO member to f..
EXO Chanyeol's 'The Box', Box Office #1 EXO Chanyeol's busking road movie "The Box" topped the overall box office. According to the Korea Film Council's ticket network on the 25th, "The Box" topped the overall box office with a seat sales rate of 24.7% on the opening day. "The Box" is a miraculous busking road movie by Ji-hoon (Park Chan-yeol) who can sing only when using a box and producer Min-soo (Cho Dal-hwan), whose success is the..
EXO Chanyeol resumes SNS activities in 5 months Chanyeol, a member of the group EXO, resumed his SNS activities five months after controversy over his personal life. On the afternoon of the 20th, Chanyeol posted several pictures on his SNS, ranging from pictures of the movie "The Box" he starred in to pictures taken with his dog. This is the resumption of SNS activities five months after the controversy over privacy. Earlier in October last y..
"The Box," starring Chanyeol, will be released in 11 countries. "The Box," starring EXO Chanyeol, is receiving love calls overseas. M-Line, which is in charge of overseas sales of "The Box," announced on the 19th that "The Box" is scheduled to be released in 11 countries, including the Americas, Australia and Japan, in addition to Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. According to M-Line, one of the reasons for sending hot love calls abroad is that he sympathiz..
EXO Chanyeol starring movie 'The Box' main poster released 'The Box', a busking road movie that will be released on March 24, unveiled the main poster. Park Chan-yeol and Cho Soo-hwan's first music buster "The Box" in 2021 has released a main poster that shows the sensibility of a music movie. "The Box" is a miraculous busking road movie by "Ji-hoon (Park Chan-yeol), who can sing only when using a box, and "Min-soo (Cho Dal-hwan)," a producer whose succ..
"The Box," starring EXO Chanyeol, will be released soon. "The Box," starring Chanyeol, a member of the group EXO, will be released. The production company "The Box" will be released this spring, said on Tuesday. "The Box" is a road movie by Ji-hoon (Park Chan-yeol), who can sing only when using a box, and Min-soo (Cho Dal-hwan), a producer whose success is the most important thing. In the recently released launch clip, you can see Chanyeol singing ent..
EXO Chanyeol, going to military service. Group EXO Chanyeol is joining the army. "Chanyeol will join the army on March 29th," said an official at SM Entertainment, the agency. The place and time of enlistment shall not be disclosed. We will not hold any special events. Born in 1992, Chanyeol will be the fifth member of EXO to serve in the military after Xiumin, D.O., Suho and Chen. Xiumin was discharged from the military in December la..
Exo Chanyeol, 4 months of silence, "sorry for the trouble." Chanyeol of the group EXO expressed his feelings four months after the controversy over his private life. Chanyeol said in a fan community lysn on the 24th, "I'm greeting EXO-L after a long time. "First of all, I wanted to say that I am sorry for the concern to EXO-L, who has been waiting for a long time," he said. Chanyeol said, "I'm so sorry that I can't express it in writing and it was a time..
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EXO Chanyeol learned Waves Hunting Method "Law of the Jungle," EXO's Chanyeol has perfectly learned how to hunt waves with Kim Byung-man's advice. In "Law of the Jungle," Chanyeol and Kim Byung-man set out to explore the sea horse. The three challenged the night hunt, and Kim Byung-man told Chan-yeol, "There are many things the size of a fist." In an interview, Kim said about Chanyeol, "Unlike you see, he is very manly. He likes Extreme..
What's the problem with EXO's Chanyeol in 'Law of the Jungle' A heated war is taking place on the website of "Law of the Jungle" after news of EXO's Chanyeol appearance in "Law of the Jungle." In October, Chanyeol was embroiled in a controversy over his personal life due to the revelation of his ex-girlfriend. Chanyeol's appearance in "Law of the Jungle" drew keen attention as the viewers' bulletin board was filled with messages opposing his appearance and..