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EXO KAI, first solo concert unrivaled stage notice ('Beyond LIVE') EXO Kai presents a solo performance with his own identity through the world's first online-only concert 'Beyond LIVE'. Kai's first solo concert 'Beyond LIVE #Cinema - KAI: KLoor' (Beyond Live #Cinema - Kai: Clore) will be broadcast live for a fee on Naver V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel at 3 pm on the 12th, and simultaneously at 30 CGV theaters nationwide. In particular, the performance name 'KLoor..
EXO Kai X Bae Jung-nam, the true man's charm. EXO Kai and Bae Jung-nam exuded the charm of men through fashion pictorials. Kai and Bae Jung-nam perfectly performed the Gucci Overture collection with their unique charms in the July issue of "W Korea" released on the 23rd. Kai matched Gucci Escatology with a blue-colored GG multi-color wool cotton cardigan with a white light tone sneakers featuring "25" print details to showcase Kai's chic an..
EXO-KAI, open his closet. it was like a Luxury Store. EXO member Kai's closet will be revealed. "The Devil Wears Jeong Nam" on TVN on the 15th. In the third episode of Season 2, the story of Bae Jung-nam and EXO-Kai, who visited each other's homes on the occasion of "Employee's Home Visit Day," is depicted. The two will tour each other's homes and closets and carry out missions to style each other with items they own. Bae Jung-nam and Kai are eye-c..
EXO Kai, He is working hard today. Global outdoor brand Black Yak has released a pictorial with model Kai of BCC Collection. The Blackyak Climbing Crew (BCC) collection is a lifestyle wear with climbing motifs. Black Yak recently selected Kai as a model and conducted filming to convey various possibilities of BCC collection from product to style under the theme of boldness and space-crossing silhouettes beyond convention. In the ..
EXO Kai Unveils Vlog Exclusive...Visual explosion EXO Kai will release a vlog of the set with a natural appearance. YouTube Life & Style channel "Monotube" will open a Vlog featuring all of Kai on the set on the 1st. In "KAI X Gucci," Kai, who wore a collection of "KAI X Gucci," a collaboration with fashion brand Gucci, closely followed the entire day from the preparation process of filming monotube magazine to the last greeting. In the vlog, K..
EXO Kai, crop top...sexy abs exposure EXO Kai's pictorial has been released. EXO Kai showed off its various charms through 'MonoTube' magazine. In the pictorial, Kai created an attractive pictorial by matching a variety of blue-colored sweaters featuring Teddy Bear motifs, GG logos, denim jackets and pants decorated with Teddy Bear's face. In particular, he showed a happy and free image of Kai, which was combined with various access..
This is what boyfriend looks like. Kai, showing off his visuals. EXO Kai presented the standard of boyfriend look. On the afternoon of the 24th, Kai posted a photo on Instagram without any comment. The released photo is a full-length mirror selfie taken by Kai in the practice room. Wearing a mask and a cap, Kai showed off his small face and long legs, showing off his superior proportions. In particular, neat outfits such as boyfriend looks caught the eyes of ..
EXO Kai, whatever you wear, it's perfect.Gucci Reveals Kai Capsule Collection EXO Kai perfectly performed the Gucci Capsule Collection, which titled his name. Kai, who will showcase the KAI x Gucci capsule collection under his name for the first time in the world, showed off his unique charm in the March pictorial of the magazine Esquire released on the 22nd. Teddy Bear's print, a blue sweater featuring the GG logo, pants with cute embroidery, and a zip-up jacket with ted..
Black Yak selects EXO's Kai as BCC model Black Yak announced on the 5th that it has selected EXO Kai as a model for the "BCC" collection. After launching its first collection in the second half of last year, BCC Collection has been introducing products that have increased versatility and practicality by combining Black Yak's differentiated technology. This year, Black Yak plans to strengthen its communication strategy that shows the po..
Exo Kai's fans pay for children's cancer treatment for his birthdays. The fan community of group EXO member Kai delivered 8.8 million won for treatment of childhood cancer to the Korea White Blood Disease Children's Foundation on the 14th to commemorate Kai's 28th birthday. All donations received will be used in the name of Kai to support the cost of treating children with cancer, according to the donor's will. "On the occasion of the singer's 28th birthday, I am ..
Triple crown EXO...The majesty of the King of K-pop. The group EXO won a total of three gold medals, including the main prize in the "2021 Golden Disk" music category, the QQ Music Fan's Choice K-pop Artist Award, and Baekhyun's solo main award. On the afternoon of the 10th, the awards ceremony for the album category of the 35th Golden Disc Awards with Curafrox was held. Singer Sung Si-kyung and actress Lee Da-hee have worked as MCs since last yea..
EXO KAI, soft charisma Italian luxury brand Gucci has released a fashion pictorial with EXO Kai through the January issue of "W Korea." Kai, who decorated the January issue of "W Korea," produced a stylish pictorial image through a beige-brown coat with label details and a dark blue pants featuring leather patches, a stripe tank top with patch details, a GG Jacquard denim jacket and silk scarf look. In addition, Disne..